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Compensation for Accidents Causing Spinal Cord Injuries

Few injuries are as severe or devastating as those to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is responsible for a wide range of critical bodily functions, including movement and sensation. Accidents which injure this part of the body require extensive medical evaluation and treatment. You may be facing significant medical costs and a need for both short- and long-term care, including:

  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative services
  • Extensive surgical procedures
  • Use of adaptive devices for mobility
  • Modifications to the structure of your home

Spinal cord injuries can also affect your ability to work and earn a living. Your recovery from a personal injury lawsuit may give you the financial security you need to face the challenges ahead.

My firm is experienced in representing clients in Essex County and throughout New Jersey who have suffered quadriplegia, paraplegia and other catastrophic injuries. I’ll help you obtain the maximum compensation you are due from the insurance company of the party that caused your injury.


Do not give up hope. New treatments may make it possible to restore spinal cord functions in the future. We’ll work to make sure the money is there to pay for your treatment. For a free initial consultation, call 973-852-3352 or complete our contact form today.