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Results and Settlements

Robert A. Jones has obtained over 75 verdicts and settlements for his clients in the six- and seven-figure range, including:

4.5 million dollars – co-counsel with former partner in lawsuit against adolescent drug and alcohol treatment facility. Claims were based on medical malpractice, negligence and intentional torts. This case was featured on the front page of the New Jersey Law Journal in February 2001.

3 million dollars – wrongful death case resulting from motor vehicle collision.

2.45 million dollars – explosion/burn case.

1.65 million dollars – pedestrian run over by bus and service of liquor to a minor

1.5 million dollars – wrongful death of construction worker at construction site.

1.45 million dollars – forklift crash in warehouse, resulting in severe leg injury.

1.4 million dollars – motorcycle accident resulting in death.

$975,000 – Swimming pool diving injury.

$958,000 – truck driver injured in tractor trailer collision on Route 80.

$900,000 – motor vehicle collision.

$825,000 – injuries sustained in a fall and subsequent legal malpractice.

$750,000 – motor vehicle collision.

$750,000  medical malpractice failure to treat infection

$680,000 – Sussex County motor vehicle collision.

$675,000 – motor vehicle collision.

$675,000 – lawsuit against the State of New Jersey on behalf of a patient at a state psychiatric hospital who was sexually assaulted by an employee. This case was featured on the front page of the New Jersey Law Journal, March 15, 1999.

$600,000 – motor vehicle wrongful death case.

$600,000 – wrongful death as a result of defective product.

$560,000 – construction site incident resulting in severe leg injury.

$550,000 – severe back injury caused by pallet jack in warehouse.

$450,000 – severe back injury resulting from motor vehicle collision.

$400,000 – 1 year old girl burned by hot coffee at restaurant

$375,000 – motorcyclist injured in collision with tractor trailer.

$340,000 – Truck Driver injured in tractor-trailer collision on Rt. 78.

$230,000 – motor vehicle collision case tried to a verdict which exceeded defendants’ insurance policy limits