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Seeking Compensation and Justice in Wrongful Death Cases

The death of a family member is a devastating loss, even more so when that death is caused by the negligent or careless actions of someone else. If you have lost a family member in a fatal accident, you may have legal options. While nothing can change what has happened, a wrongful death lawsuit can hold the negligent party responsible. It can also help your family cope with your financial loss.

I am Robert A. Jones, a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in Livingston, NJ. I have been helping families devastated by fatal accidents for more than 35 years. As your lawyer, I will present the story of how your family has been affected by the wrongful death. I have obtained numerous six- and seven-figure results and settlements for my clients.


When an accident results in a fatality, New Jersey law is very draconian. It does not allow your family to obtain compensation for the emotional loss of losing a loved one. However, as your attorney, I will try to get your emotional loss conveyed in a way that will help maximize your recovery. I am willing to meet with you at your home to discuss your family member’s legal case.

I have the experience and the financial resources to hire experts who are needed not only to prove liability for the fatal injury but also to prove damages. I use a forensic economist to assess the financial damage your family has suffered.

In addition, I use a forensic pathologist to determine if your family member experienced pain or suffering prior to death. Many times, it is not obvious that someone who passed way did suffer. Although you often hear about someone dying instantly, virtually no one dies without some pain and suffering. Proving even a short period when that person suffered can greatly increase the recovery that can be obtained to help your family make up for the loss.

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