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Catastrophic Injuries Require Full Compensation

Anyone who has suffered a catastrophic injury will likely need long-term medical care and rehabilitation. You may be unable to return to work for months because of your injury, and in some cases, your earning ability may be permanently affected.

I am a personal injury trial lawyer in Livingston. I have been helping families devastated by catastrophic injuries for more than 35 years. My firm has the financial resources to hire experts to prove liability as well as the amount of damages you have suffered.

I know how to handle cases that involve:


If you have been seriously injured, you should not trust your case to an attorney who has not handled catastrophic injury cases before.

I am known by defense attorneys and insurance companies as an aggressive lawyer who will not back down in an injury case and who is not afraid to go to trial. Many of my cases are referred to me by other lawyers who trust me to help their most seriously injured clients.


Careful preparation, investigation and planning are essential in any injury case that involves serious or permanent injuries. For example, anyone who suffers a spinal cord injury in an accident will likely need lifelong medical services and therapy. To live as full a life as possible, a paralysis victim might also need extensive home modifications, a special van and technology such as a motorized wheelchair.

In addition to a lifetime of pain, a serious back injury or brain injury can result in significant financial losses. As an experienced lawyer, I know the right experts, including medical care experts and financial planning experts, who can testify in court about the physical, emotional and financial damages you have suffered from your injury.

There is risk if you settle your personal injury case too soon and some attorneys will encourage you to do this — I don’t. Before accepting a settlement offer, I believe you should know the full extent of your injuries and how they may affect your entire life. While nothing can undo the injury, your recovery from a personal injury lawsuit can make the difference between a financially secure future and a future that is very uncertain.

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