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Why are intersections so dangerous?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Intersections have long been known to be one of the most dangerous places that you can drive. In some areas, the majority of car accidents occur at intersections, and they still create a high percentage of intersections even in areas where they are not the leading cause.

Looking at these statistics makes it clear that you face some serious risks when you drive through an intersection, but you have you ever wondered why? There are a couple of different reasons to consider.

Crossing traffic

The first reason, of course, is that an intersection means that two roads are crossing. The traffic on those roads has to cross as well, and the intersection is supposed to help drivers do this safely, but driving through cross-traffic will always be inherently more dangerous than driving around vehicles going the same direction.

Confusing designs

One potential problem is when the road design is confusing. A driver gets to the intersection and isn’t sure when they’re supposed to proceed. Even just a split-second of confusion can lead to a car accident.

Some drivers don’t see intersections

In some cases, the issue is that drivers don’t realize the intersection is there until it’s too late to stop. This could happen if a driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol, for instance, or if they’re distracted by their cellphone. This type of impairment or distraction is a problem anywhere on the road, but it can be especially bad at an intersection because one vehicle failing to stop will often cause a severe crash.

Have you been injured?

If you’ve been hit by another driver while going through an intersection, you may need to seek financial compensation for your medical bills and other costs.