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Which age groups have the highest accident fatality rates?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Car Accidents |

If you look at the statistics indicating which people are most likely to be involved in fatal car accidents, you’ll notice an interesting trend. Generally, those on both ends of the age spectrum have the highest fatality rates. Deaths tend to be higher for those under 20, while those over 65 also have high fatality rates.

Does this happen for similar reasons? Are these groups less safe drivers? Or is something else going on?

Very different reasons for the same outcome

The truth is that the reasons do tend to be very different, even if the numbers are similar. For younger drivers, their rates are highest because they are inexperienced. This can lead to more mistakes, and it may also lead to more reckless or careless driving. Teen males in particular are often considered impulsive, high-risk drivers.

For older drivers, there is some truth to the fact that skills may decline with age. If someone’s eyesight gets worse, they may get into an accident they would have avoided when they were younger.

Generally, though, the fact that older individuals are more frail or have more health issues – on top of the injuries they suffer in a crash — leads to higher fatality rates. It’s not that they cause more crashes, but just that they are more susceptible to serious injuries. This means they are exposed to greater risks from other drivers.

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