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How do you get rid of a driver on your tail?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Tailgating drivers can not only be an annoyance but a danger. If you are wondering what you should do to shake them off, the answer is nothing. At least nothing that you see in the movies.

When a fictional hero has a carful of baddies on their tail, they speed up, pull a sudden turn down a side street or slam on their brakes, often while firing a gun out the window at the same time. Any of those actions could get you killed or put in prison. The best thing you can do is pull over.

Despite the fact you have every right to carry on at your current pace, ceding to a tailgater’s aggressive demands is the best way to get rid of them so you can continue your journey in peace and safety.

Not all tailgaters realize what they are doing

Not all tailgating is down to aggression or impatience. Some drivers are merely ignorant of what is a safe distance between vehicles. Others may know yet be distracted and unaware of how close they are to you.

How you pull over matters

When pulling out of a tailgater’s way, you need to ensure it is safe to do so. If you are on a one-lane road, look until you see an opportunity to either turn off or stop. If you are on a multi-lane highway and are not already in the slow lane, move across when safe.

Stopping will cost you a few seconds, but ending up in a hospital because someone hits you from behind would cost much more. You should not have to do these things, but sometimes, the safest option is to accept that other drivers are unsafe and do what you can to avoid them. If you get hit by a tailgater, seek legal help to hold them responsible.