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It takes a lot of money to treat severe burn injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Injuries |

Burn injuries can occur in many ways. For example, if a vehicle explodes or catches fire in a crash, burns will likely affect the driver and other vehicle occupants. In another example, these injuries can arise if a poorly maintained building begins to burn, and the occupants cannot escape.

Some burns are relatively minor and affect only a small percentage of the body. Other times, burns can be so severe that they impair the victim for the rest of their life. As you might expect, medical care for burns is extensive and quite costly.

Burns also come with medical complications

Even with high-quality healthcare, burn injuries are notorious for their complications. For example, many severe burns get infected, increasing the victim’s risk of death. Other complications that may accompany burns include:

  • Respiratory complications such as pulmonary edema, bacterial pneumonia and post-injury respiratory failure are the top cause of death in burn victims.
  • The direct inhalation of smoke, soot, carbon monoxide and dry heat also affects the respiratory system and can be fatal.
  • Severe scarring is another common complication (requiring specialized care) that aesthetically and physically debilitates many victims.

Nearly all the treatments used in burn injuries require lengthy hospitalization and frequent outpatient procedures. These treatments cost an enormous amount of money. If your burns occurred due to another party’s negligence (drunk driver, negligent landlord, etc.), you could qualify for significant financial compensation.

We recommend learning more about your legal options after suffering a devastating burn or another severe personal injury in New Jersey. The monetary compensation you acquire could make all the difference in the care and treatment of your condition.