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2 times a crash-related fracture could affect you for years

Car insurance will help pay for your losses after a wreck in New Jersey. The state requires that every driver carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage that applies to them and anyone riding in their vehicle. Bodily injury liability protection carried by the other driver may also be available if you have expenses that exceed your own PIP coverage.

Making a claim against the other driver’s insurance can help you recover lost wages and secure payment for your medical bills. That being said, if you settle with the insurance company, you may not be able to bring a claim if your costs increase in the future. Recognizing that broken bones can lead to massive expenses could help you avoid a big mistake when handling the fallout of a car crash.

When might the cost for a broken bone be much higher than the average expenses for a fracture?

When you develop a severe condition because of the injury

Although broken bones sometimes heal cleanly, people can develop serious medical conditions following a fracture. One of the most concerning conditions possible after a traumatic injury is complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

People with CRPS will notice that their pain gets worse or changes as the bone heals. They may experience diminished strength and range of motion in the affected body part. Even their skin or hair may start to change.

Unfortunately, CRPS is a chronic condition with no cure. Not only will it likely persist for life, but it may continue to get worse. People with CRPS will likely need ongoing medical care and could potentially have to end their careers early.

When the fracture is particularly severe

Most of the time, broken bones only require immobilization. Your body will do most of the work to heal a fracture. However, some broken bones are far worse than others. If a bone breaks in multiple different pieces or if the edges of the fractured bone are jagged and irregular, simply setting the bone may not be an option. The person with a severely broken bone may need corrective surgery.

In extreme cases, they may even need an implanted medical device like a plate or rod to reinforce the broken bone. Such additional care will drastically increase how much a broken bone costs and how long it takes to heal.

Recognizing that broken bones from car crashes could lead to extensive medical intervention may help you better understand and handle a settlement offer or complex insurance claim.