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How to deal with an aggressive driver 

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Car Accidents |

The majority of road users across New Jersey go about their daily business without getting into conflicts or accidents. Nevertheless, trends indicate that aggressive drivers are becoming increasingly problematic.

There are numerous potential hazards on the roads and highways across the state, with driver error, road conditions, faulty vehicles and the weather being among the more notable dangers. Aggressive conduct on the road only adds to the extensive list of risks. 

Fortunately, there are coping mechanisms that you can implement if you come across a driver who is showing signs of rage. Outlined below are some tips that could help you deal with aggressive drivers. 

Try to avoid escalation

Often, people act out because they are seeking a reaction. Sometimes, your best course of action is not to respond in the manner that they desire. A verbal confrontation will only escalate the situation and if you respond with inappropriate driving, you are only heightening the risk of injury. By exercising restraint, the incident could pass quite quickly without harm.  

Take appropriate action

Avoiding inappropriate responses doesn’t mean that you can’t take any action. There are numerous options open to you if you encounter aggressive driving. Note down as much information as possible about both driver and vehicle, and report the incident to law enforcement. This will benefit both you as well as other drivers. If an aggressive driver is reprimanded for their behavior, they may be less likely to act in the same way again. Thus, both you and other road users may be saved from facing a repeat situation. 

Aggressive driving has the potential to put you at serious risk of injury. If you have been harmed in a vehicular collision with a raging driver, there are legal options open to you.