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Talking about your wreck online could be a bad idea

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Personal Injury |

We know it feels innocent and harmless to discuss your car accident online with your friends and family. You may have emotional trauma regarding your crash and need to talk it over with someone. 

Unfortunately, when you talk about your accident online, you risk damaging your crash claim.

How could online activity hurt your case?

In the 21st century, insurance companies (or defendants in crash-related lawsuits) have many investigative resources. Internet activity is one such resource. The things you say on social media outlets could negatively affect your fight for compensation. Below, you will find three examples of how online activity could harm your claim.

Your innocent discussions or images could appear to minimize your injuries. For example, posting photos of a gym session or a day of gardening could make you seem healthier than you claim.

You might accidentally say something about the crash that is not true. For example, you may misremember details of the events due to the trauma or injuries you suffered.

Your online discussions of how you plan to use your compensation may make your claim appear inflated. For example, if you keep talking about taking a trip or buying a new car with your settlement, it could cast you in a bad light.

If your account of the events surrounding your accident becomes untrustworthy, it can influence the financial compensation you eventually recover. When you feel compelled to talk about your experience, consider a neutral party like a counselor or a law professional. We also invite you to continue reading our website content for more insight into strengthening Livingston, New Jersey, car accident claims.